About us

Olive Tree Brasserie is a group of modern Greek/Mediterranean style resturants based across the North West; Lytham, Chester and Stockton Heath. Our premium cocktails have been a favorite of our customers for years, so it only seemed right to bottle from up, for you to enjoy at home!

Introducing two of our bestselling cocktails; the Greekstar Martini and Raspberry Rush. 

Pornstar Martini, but better. The Greekstar Martini takes this classic cocktail to the next level with rare Mastiha, passionfruit liquor, pineapple juice, and vanilla.

Raspberry Rush is our all-time bestseller that has been loved by our customers from the last 12 years! A delicious blend of Raspberry vodka, raspberry purée, Prosecco. 

We ship nationwide with next day delivery.